Thursday, May 26, 2005

Enough About You, Let's Talk About Me

My traffic has skyrocketed this week thanks to Google Image Search, Carla's funbags (you're welcome; NSFW) and some linkage from Uncle Grambo. So, naturally, I've almost completely stopped posting, thereby driving away all my potential new readers. I've also made promises I haven't kept (Star Wars is awesome. The end.), and am now creating a post about why I'm not posting, to be ended with a comment about how there are so many great posts to come in the future. I have become what I hate.

My internet service and my free time, have been quite spotty of late, but after this weekend, The Precogs enters a new era. Do you think you can handle all this?

Dear god, I'm lame.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Revenge Of Moo U

Two baby wolverines were just born at the Detroit Zoo. (Way to breed in captivity, by the way, since you apparently can't do it the wild anymore.) They were quickly dubbed with the bestest ever monikers of Sparty and Bucky.

Suck on that, Ann Arbor! Don't like it? Then get your own goddamn vet school and start turning out some animal science majors, you effin hippies! What up with M.A.C.?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What It's Like In The D™

Busy week this week. Thursday, it's down to The D™ for Sith madness, backed by the double bill of Last Tourist/The Prime Ministers. Friday, it's Los Tigres vs. Snakes at the ballyard, then I imagine all kinds of drinking and whatnot. Plus, I gotta pack and do laundry and close the books with my soon-to-be former employer. Between that and all the shaving, my plate is full.

Hey, does "precog" mean something in Italiano? About 45% of my visitors end up here from, and I don't think I'm what they're looking for. At least bring some pizza with you or something.

Friday, May 13, 2005

There's The Droid I Was Looking For

If you read this and still doubt my nerdom, I offer you this as proof:

R2-D2! It is you! It is you!

Last night, I opened a box and found R2, who I had not seen nor used in probably 10 years. Plugged him in. Came to life like it was yesterday. So much joy!

Still don't believe me? Check this out. (Thanks be to Achtung, Baby!)

Surely, he must be dead by now.

No, this...

Hokey relgions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid

Now, I'm not saying I would do anything illegal ... but I would kill someone ... in front of they own mamma ... for that belt buckle.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

F' You, Sy Sperling

I want you to cover your bald head in oil, and rub it all over my naked body.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Don't Know What You Got (Til It's Gone)

Am I right, people?

I am away from my computer...

I am in temporary housing for the next few weeks and I have no internet at home. It's horrible! What am I? A goddamn caveman? I live in a blue state for Pete's sake! This shouldn't be happening. Oh, god I ... throat constricting ... can't breathe ... must ... check ... whatevs ....

I also don't have cable tv anymore, which I don't miss at all, except that I didn't get to see ER last night. There's only two episodes left in the season, and after that my tv commitments are done until at least September. And Carter's leaving! I'm really worried about how this will affect my Luka/John slash fiction. I mean ... um ... Noah Wyle's cool ... I guess.

Anyhoo ... did any one see ER last night? If you did and can give me a rundown, I'd mail you a cookie in appreciation.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Call Me "The Beige Wonder"

I couldn't resist ... (thanks be to Christie)

Dashiell is renowned and respected throughout the Delmarva Peninsula.
Dashiell is passed on to friends.
Dashiell is the director of.
Dashiell is an active member of the Association for Education in.
Dashiell is dear and the thumping you hear will be your heart as it is filled with love for this sweet boy.
Dashiell is a member of the Chicago Bar Association and the American Bar.
Dashiell is the author of Thermal Imaging.
Dashiell is the most important person in my life and Mia is aware of that.
Dashiell is okay.
Dashiell is a 4 1/2 year old Mutt who was.
Dashiell is having the time of his life working.
Dashiell is working on signaling Toni to the door.
Dashiell is not neutered but is scheduled to be later this month.
Dashiell is one of those voices.
Dashiell is the author of the Thin Man series which my husband loves.
Dashiell is one of five full-time minority faculty members at the university's journalism school.
Dashiell is the most recorded drummer of the last 20 years.
Dashiell is basically The Flash incarnate.
Dashiell is a school counselor at Harris Middle School.
Dashiell is The Dash.
Dashiell is a Computer Scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Dashiell is a Computer Scientist at the Central Intelligence Agency.
Dashiell is the Vice-Chair.
Dashiell is the Committee liaison to the Section’s Diversity Committee.
Dashiell is the Committee liaison to the Section’s Diversity Committee.
Dashiell is my 12-year-old baseball-playing nephew.
Dashiell is a 2004 graduate of Old Mill High School.
Dashiell is president of the company that began operations in late 1999.
Dashiell is now 24-15 on the season.
Dashiell is going to get woken up and even though Dusty.
Dashiell is a computer scientist at the DoD National Imagery and Mapping Agency.
Dashiell is a computer scientist at the Department of Defense National Imagery and Mapping Agency.
Dashiell is reluctant to involve any government agencies because of his belief that they are involved in the abduction.
Dashiell is on his own working in New York City.
Dashiell is consulted by Richard Roe.
Dashiell is admirable.
Dashiell is a native of Norfolk and a 1980 graduate of Washington and Lee University.
Dashiell is also expected to provide an additional circuit breaker during initial construction to minimize power outages associated with transmission.
Dashiell is also expected to provide an additional circuit breaker during initial construction to minimize power outages associated with.
Dashiell is named after an author.
Dashiell is offline.
Dashiell is an outstanding educator with a passio.
Dashiell is a dude.
Dashiell is a five-year letterman.
Dashiell is my gr-gr-grandmother who married Andrew LANGEVIN / LANGEUIN sometime after 1851 and died in Davis County.
Dashiell is known to have emigrated from Yorkshire.
Dashiell is working toward the day when the Ala Wai is clean enough for humans to swim there without worry.
Dashiell is a first year doctoral student.
Dashiell is taking group therapy; Lester joins the group and pretends to be his friend Vince.
Dashiell is one more reason why HMO reform.
Dashiell is just one more example of the pressing need for Congress to act now to protect the rights of patients.
Dashiell is no exception.
Dashiell is Often Known For.
Dashiell is incapacitated by a serious illness.
Dashiell is a University of Arizona Senior majoring in Atmospheric Science.
Dashiell is a University of Arizona Senior majoring in Computer Engineering.
Dashiell is the owner of Broken Angel Productions.
Dashiell is a family name.
Dashiell is a potter living in Meadows of Dan.
Dashiell is busy hooking up independent power producers.
Dashiell is a Teacher Consultant with the Bay Area Writing Project.
Dashiell is president of Frederick Douglass Designs.
Dashiell is an author and film critic who loves working as a copy cataloguer at the Joel D.
Dashiell is their biological son.
Dashiell is the Beige Wonder.
Dashiell is a deeply insecure fellow who's seriously spooked by his new-found fame.
Dashiell is clear and.
Dashiell is leaving the NIH.
Dashiell is assigned to the Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region 11.
Dashiell is a rock at 215.
Dashiell is just starting to crawl.
Dashiell is known for his lightning-fast skills and therefore his missions will typically involved dodging objects and racing against time.
Dashiell is dying.
Dashiell is arrested and sentenced to the electric chair.
Dashiell is a little troublemaker.
Dashiell is super-speedy.
Dashiell is a Private Investigator who specialize's as a consultant for Bail Bond Companies.
Dashiell is Director.
Dashiell is born.
Dashiell is beginning to make waves in the music scene.
Dashiell is an environmental planner who served as Chair of the Steering Committee and Coordinator for the project.
Dashiell is the principal of our school.
Dashiell is such a sexy name.
Dashiell is a little bit effeminent but I think a cool kid could pull it off.
Dashiell is equally in the power of the sensual man.
Dashiell is affiliated with Oklahoma State University.

To sum up: I'm an athletically gifted 12-year-old baseball player, with super-human speed, who also works as a computer programmer for various government agencies. And you love me for it.

Movin' Out (Dashiell's Song)

Peace the fork out, 1325, Apt. 3!

Close the door...

Your ivory-colored walls and light beige carpeting couldn't hold me forever. I need to be free baby! What? No, don't say that. This is hard enough as it is. Why you gotta be like that? See, this is why I'm leaving! You never understood me! NEVER!!!