Monday, April 02, 2007

He Was Also "The Tap Dance Kid"

Whoever tagged this YouTube video has it all wrong. The kid in this commercial is not Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Carlton is the kid from that Michael Jackson commercial. If you were alive in 1984 and can remember just how colossally huge Michael Jackson and everything he touched was, you'll understand the difference.

You know how hard it is to get tickets to see the Arcade Fire play like, a 2,000-seat church or something? And the insane lengths people will go to get inside? Now imagine that they were playing the Pontiac Silverdome, which holds about 80,000 more people ... and you still can't get in. Then multiply that hype by about a billion and you have the Victory tour. Can you name one person anywhere on the planet today who could get away with wearing one white glove everywhere they went? Not only could MJ do it, he made it cool for other people to do it. That's big.

It probably all seems pretty ridiculous after you watch this video, but believe me when I say that at the time, you could not have been any cooler than the kids in this commercial. A "ghetto blaster," a red leather jacket, and one white glove?! Alfonso Ribeiro was the balls.


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